Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pinterest - Pointless?

Last week I was invited to join Pinterest. Of course being a media whore and working in advertising where you need to maintain on top of these types of trends I accepted. Pinterest, if you haven't joined if a social networking site centred around images. You can either upload your own or re-pin images you like from people you follow. To start you off Pinterest gives you there usage policy and some recommendations of who you might like to follow based on your interests. This means you're instantly able to find images and get involved. The negative side is that, unless you are an originator, all you're doing is duplicating images and the whole thing becomes a bit circular. The other thing is rights management. I have a lot of pictures I've collected over time only for them to sit unloved on my desk top. But where did I get them? If I can't call out who's they are should I even post them?

Well in any case I've had some fun on Pinterest and I've found some really nice ideas too. Like this poster. Sums me up really.

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