Friday, 13 April 2012

Brushes Paintings - Portraits

I once flattered myself with the thought that I was an artist. That was until I left art college and joined the world of advertising. Being an artist is a solitary pursuit. It didn't fit with having a boyfriend, or a demanding job, or friends I needed to keep up with. Nor did it fit with exhaustion and watching X Factor. But one of the wonderful things I have found about having an iPad is that drawing in the "in-between" times - on trains, on shoots when I'm not needed - has become a lot easier.

Here are a couple of sketches and paintings I have done on the app "Brushes" on the iPad.

These two are of Fiancé on a train reading.

This is a self portrait done by looking at the reflection of myself in a train window when it was dark outside. Look at my concentration!

 This is the gorgeous Drew or Drewby as we call him. He is my lovely cousin Ellie's son and he loves cars and trucks. I drew him from a picture on my iPhone.


Anonymous said...

I'm much smilier than this in real life. Honest!!

Welshaims said...

Is that you Will?

nothingprofound said...

Wonderful drawings. I particularly liked the self-portrait. Coincidentally, I recently came across this Keith Haring quote which I think is apropos: "There is no difference to me between a drawing I do on the subway and a piece to be sold for thousands of dollars."

Welshaims said...

That's a lovely quote nothingprofound. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

I like it a lot...=) Want to learn how to draw faces =))