Wednesday, 12 September 2012

He-Man does LMFAO

Oh my god I'm on a stupid music video binge! Gobbl gobble gooble!

Here's another gem. It's everybody's favourite musclebound helmet head He-Man singing LMFAO. And he's right. He is kinda sexy...didn't see that when I was 5. I was all about David Bowie as King Jared in the Labryinth.  David Bowie is still sexier methinks but check out He-Man's 16pack.

Oh and another think - who came up with the name He-Man? Like, seriously! There was also She-Ra wasn't there - now that's a little better - like 'she who roars' or something. But He-Man? "He's a man!" - no shit sherlock. Well, maybe they thought they better be clear as he had longish hair. Yeh maybe that's it. 

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