Thursday, 11 October 2012

This week I have been mostly....

Anyone remember the Fast Show sketch where each week a farmer came out of his shed and said "this week I have been mostly eating broccoli/ baked beans/ flans"?

Well here's what I've been mostly doing this week:

This week I have been mostly reading about Jimmy Saville being a kiddy fiddler.

For my American readers benefit Jimmy Saville was a TV presenter and radio DJ who presented two very popular and influential children's programs: "Top of the Pops" and "Jim' ll fix it" - a wish fulfilment program. Here is a clip of him in Jim'll Fix it:

When I worked on UK TV Gold a few years ago my partner and I had an idea for an advert featuring Jimmy Saville. "Wouldn't it be great if we got Jimmy Saville and fixed today's children's wishes on our adverts?", said we, all smiles and innocence. " can't have children in a room with Jimmy", came the reply. People in the BBC have since admitted that Jimmy's taste for sexually assaulting teenagers was an "open secret". It certainly seems that way which is a shocking failing on the part of our beloved BBC.
You can see Jimmy's exposure in this ITV documentary:

This week I have been mostly giving up alcohol

This was after three successive drunken nights and awful hangovers. One saw me forgetting my pin number, crying because I'd forgotten it, and getting taken all the way to Essex in a cab because I didn't notice the taxi driver had mistaken my slurring for a different address. I then slumped on the doorstep unable to fit my key in the lock and had to be rescued by a sleepy boyfriend. After these experiences I am forsaking alcohol for a month. When I announced this on Facebook my friends were dismayed. Turns out they might like drunk Aimee better than the sober me.
Yes, sober me is a bore.

This week I have been mostly enjoying having purple hair.

I'm rather unadventurous - or so my boyfriend told me last night. Dying a purple streak in my hair was an act of rebellion and fun. And now I have it I want more. MORE PURPLE! MORE MORE! And it makes me feel different - cooler, more kick-ass, stronger. When I wore my black halter neck dress on saturday the purple hair made me look like a goth. It's like being 17 again. I love it.

This week I have been mostly watching The Paradise on BBC1. 

I love a good gentle costume drama. The Paradise is in the same vein as Downton Abbey. Surprisingly even my boyfriend liked it.

Next week who knows. I could mostly be in LA.

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