Friday, 12 October 2012 the best makeup video ever..seriously

Wanna pull more boys? Want a date - like - now? Well look no further. Here is makeup guru Shannon's guide to doing like SO attractive makeup that boys might just dump their girlfriends for you.

Ok so maybe not. But don't you know people who must seriously believe this? My Secondary school was full of them. One girl in my class used to shave her eyebrows off and pencil them in higher up her forehead.

Now here's a confession. Sometimes I find it really fun to do a few chav makeup things. And sometimes I go too far. Well I am a swansea girl! At my University reunion I faked tanned myself twice over. I thought I looked the bomb. But in all the photos of me I look orange next to everyone else. Lesson is - only chav it up when amongst similarly minded people.

Oh and this was the worst photo of the night - the candlelight and the quality of the camera wasn't helping my cause....Tangoed. As my aunty kindly told me recently "you have some awful pictures of yourself online". Nothing like family to keep your feet on the ground.

Check out Beautylish for a bunch of really great makeup and hair demos. Don't worry, my university reunion look isn't there.

Adgirl x

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I don't think you look bad actually.