Friday, 19 July 2019

Eric Cantona goes to Space to prove Kronenbourg is the Universe's Taste Supreme.

I don't ever talk about my work on this blog but I have just finished a campaign I am really proud of. So sod it...I'm gonna write about it. 

Kronenbourg's spokesperson is footballing legend Eric Cantona. 

For my American readers benefit - Eric played for France and Manchester United and became famous not just for his astounding feats on the pitch, but also for his fiery personality and humour. 

Back in 2015 Eric Cantona promised to Swim the English Channel if the public said that Kronenbourg was Le Taste Supreme. Now Kronenbourg wanted the next big campaign push. 

What would Cantona do this time?

We decided to send him to Space! Everyone knows that Kronenbourg is the world's Taste Supreme. Now we wanted to prove it was the best tasting beer in the Universe! We shot 5 films as Eric made his press announcement and started his training. Then it was time for the big reveal! 

Take a watch and see what happened. 

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This campaign was made possible with the efforts of so many people. 

We had the amazing director Neil Harris on board with the brilliant production house Smuggler. 
Smoke and Mirrors and Big Buoy gave us their time to polish it all up and make it look fab. 
Marshall Street did a great job getting countless edits done. 
Wave did an amazing job on sound which was so important especially in our last film.
Our photographer Todd was amazing for getting stuck in and making sets out of discarded bits and pieces. 

We also had to get agreement from Space night club in Ibiza - props to our hard working Producer Ruth Darsow for that one. 

We had some amazing clients who were as excited about the job as we were - Caitlin and Richard were a real pleasure. 

Thank you to my CD Gerry Human who spotted a good idea and worked very closely with me on this from start to finish. 

And thank you to my original collaborator and art director Andy Amadeo for helping me develop the idea and get it all sold in with his brilliant impressions of Eric Cantona. 

Thank you to our amazing planner Charlotte Walters and to our amazing Account Director Jo Heywood and Account manager Charlotte Black to working so hard to get this made and to keep everything on track.

I love you all. 

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