Monday, 21 September 2009

Taking the rough with the rough.

Some times it feels like nothing is going right. Now is one of those times. My family are mental. Not in a good way. I try to sort them out and end up being the one everyone is having a go at. Work is stressful and busy and there's not enough resource for me to get involved in the really fun bits that make it all worth while. I've missed out on two shoots in a row. The clients keep coming back with never ending changes and, when I'm not looking, account management decide to write copy themselves. The opticians messed up my weekend appointment. My phone isn't working properly. I owe the bank £300. A test has come back from the doctors saying I have to go for a hospital examination. Today I cut my hand open with a bread knife. And to top it all off my favourite program, 'Strictly Come Dancing', have replaced judge Arlene Phillips with Alesha Dixon. Life is generally shit.

So now, in posts like this, I have to come up with a life lesson, a pithy maxim that makes sense of all this. Hmmmm. I'm totally lacking inspiration. If anyone can think of one please send me a message. It's nice to have some words of wisdom from kind strangers sometimes.

Well, until i can think of something better I am going to pick myself up and enjoy the small things. Left-over home cooked stew. A bath and a book. Maybe an episode of Eastenders (at least my life is better than theirs).


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you've been having a bad week :( Just know that you're not alone, and everyone goes through a rough time once in awhile. Things will work out in the end, you just need to keep your chin up.

Also, as an account person, I can proudly say that I've NEVER attempted to write copy by myself. I'm just not creative enough ;)

Welshaims said...

Thanks jessilynyoo. And well done. You sound like a good account person! Feel free to come and work with me :)

Nikki S. said...

Hi love, I'm having a rough week myself. Do hope you feel better, take a breather now and then to touch base with yourself! (:

will work for soup [dot] com said...

the darkest hour, is just before the dawn

and when the sun comes up

it's going to be beautiful

because, you can't truly appreciate the light

until you've experienced the darkness

hang it there Aimee

it does get better