Friday, 25 September 2009

Truly awful stuff from Microsoft

This week my office have been marveling at the truly awful attempts that Microsoft have made in the past to launch versions of windows. I actually wanted to throw up when I saw the first one. Preferably on all the actors pretending to be normal people holding a fun party. Actually, if I could find the client (I'm guessing that is where an idea like this would come from) who came up with this pile of shit, I would be better throwing up all over them instead. So where are ya? I'm ready. I've been feeling dizzy all week!

Here's the first. Don't cha wish you were having a Windows 7 Party?

Here's the second. This one's for Windows 386. Ok this one is even more mind baffling. Maybe it is such genius that I just am not getting it. Maybe it's a brilliant spoof. I want to believe this is true. Please, someone tell me it's true! Half way through it turns into a rap video. By the world's worst rapper.


James said...

Don't mock, I've applied to be a Windows 7 launch party host. Fancy an invite? ;)

golublog said...

At first, I thought it was a parody but when I realized it wasn't it's pretty god awful. They have a great take down on it on gawker by the way.

Linda said...

The camera work for the first one is pretty awful. I guess they haven't heard of this thing called 'steady cam' or a tripod for that matter.

And the second spiraled downwards as soon as she begins with "I'm using-u-u-using windows" as she starts stripping. And dog barks in the background make it a classic! Not.

Adnoxious said...

I still don't want to believe that actual time and money went into making this video.

If you want to laugh at more terrible advertising check out: