Tuesday, 6 July 2010

LA made me too fat for my pants

Hi all, I'm home!

LA was really fun. Unfortunately I can't really talk about most of the experience. What I can discuss is the amount of shopping and food eating I did.

The great thing about expenses is that while you aren't paying for food, your own money is freed up for buying clothes. When I go to the US the fever takes over and I often come home with a whole new wardrobe. This time I bought:

From Target: summery skirt, little black dress, two pairs of pyjamas, navy beach dress with anchors on.
From Anthropology: 2 T-shirts, 2 tops.
From Banana Republic: Little navy vest top
From Urban Outfitters: Blue cardi, black vest top.

I do have an excuse for buying all these new clothes - mainly that I ate so much food that I couldn't fit into any of my old clothes! So now I have some clothes to tie me over until I lose the LA weight. And I was on the chubby side of my usual range before I even left. People always tell me I'm imagining it when I say I've put on weight but the proof is in the buttons. If they are straining to hold you in then Adgirl, you're fat.

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