Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Oh shit wasn't I meant to be getting married next year?

I have done NO wedding planning since I got engaged in November. I am officially the world's laziest bride to be.
But I have seen a dress and a coat which I love. Here they are - I'm wondering whether I should get them both and have a winter wedding. I had been thinking summer but actually I can indulge my love affair with coats if I do winter and I also won't be upset if it pisses it down. It would be indoors anyway. Hmmmm...

What do you think of the outfit?


ejane said...

love love love the dress, would really suit you. not so much of a fan of the coat, take away from the dress! it's all about the dress after all! think you should get one of those nice sparkly hair pieces too...x

Welshaims said...

It's like Eve's!
Thanks honey!

ejane said...

are you going to get it!? how exciting!x