Monday, 12 July 2010

The UK - when it's sunny, there's nowhere better

We have been enjoying some gorgeous weather here in the UK the last few weeks. This is lucky because this year I decided that we weren't going on holiday. Instead we were going to enjoy Britain and save our money. And this weekend I lay in Christchurch meadows in Oxford, watching the clouds float in the blue skies and the little ducklings cozy up to their mothers to shade from the sun and thought 'this is the most perfect place on earth to be'. And London looked just as gorgeous. Here's a picture of London Bridge my Fiance took on his walk home on Friday:

Living in the UK under mostly grey skies you forget that we are living in a beautiful country. But wherever I go in the world I compare the beaches to my local Welsh beaches in Gower. And I often find that beaches that are famed for their beauty are nothing in comparison to the under-rated beauty of the Welsh coastline. I am truly lucky to have grown up in Swansea, truly lucky to have spend my student days in the beautiful and ancient buildings and gardens of Oxford, and truly lucky to live right by the South bank in London. I just needed a sunny summer to remind me.

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