Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lets play dressing up

H&M have added a brilliant toy to their website - a Fashion studio where you can dress up models in clothes from the H&M range. Not only is this really fun it is also brilliantly promotional. I have already created a number of outfits that I want to own. My fashion sense has probably a lot to be desired. An ex boyfriend once told me that he only liked one piece of clothing in my entire wardrobe. That was an elasticated brown gypsy top. Doesn't say much for the rest of my dress sense does it? Another friend told me that I had a lot of nice clothes, I just didn't necessarily put them together very well.

Anyway here's two I created:

And here's one that was so good I couldn't bring myself to alter:

Create your own far better outfits at

1 comment:

Lady Mel said...

I love the first picture. It's like bohemian with bright colors and sophiscation. :)