Friday, 12 July 2013

Ikea you are crazy like a coconut.

Awww so sad, look at this lamp. Tell me you don't feel sorry for it...

But you feel silly now huh? This advert was from 2002 and directed by Spike Jonze. Thank you to the Production department at work for reminding me of this one.

And while we are about it, here are some other really nice Ikea ads. Those crazy Scandinavians!

In this one its a poor naked man I am feeling sorry for. Get thee to Ikea naked homeless man!

In this Swedish one, you have to feel sorry for the man in the thong at the end. Poor man, he's gonna have to stay in that draw for a really long time.

In this one I am feeling sorry for myself. WHHHHYYY couldn't I have made this advert??? It's cool and I LOVE cats.

In this one there is simply no way to feel sorry for anyone. It's so happy!

Happy Friday xxx

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