Monday, 7 December 2009

Greetings from NYC

Helllooooo! I'm sitting in my temporary New York appartment with a walk in wardrobe feeling a bit like Carrie Bradshaw. There are of course differences I admit. Carrie was in a cuter place in a cooler part of town. I am in the business district (Battery Place) and I am writing on a PC not a Apple. Carrie also had a lot more shoes and designer dresses and longer hair. But I am edging my way towards Carrie.

I arrived Friday night and on Saturday morning was up bright and early to go to a private fashion sale with my new NYC BF for employees and friends of GILT. Check it out it's an awesome fashion website. I spent $160 and for that I got a black velvet Alexander McQueen Evening dress, a light denim pair of 7 jeans, an Alexander McQueen butterfly printed top, a Zac Posen polo shirt, a leather bag by Bcbgmaxazria, a cashmere Alexander McQueen polo shirt, a Vivienne Tam top and a blouse by Plenty Tracy Reese. Not a bad haul. New BF got a pair of Acne jeans, a vera Wang floaty cardigan (even the girl on the till was jealous of that one) and a really cute orange cardie as well as a long white t-shirt.

Afterwards my new BF and I went and met the finance boys at a Mexican Restaurant in Brooklyn called "Lobo's". Then we went to a bar called "Floyds" where they were playing lawn boules in doors. It's a french thing apparently. Later we headed into town and went to Macao and ate tapas.

Sunday morning we met up with our NY BFs again this time to go to China town for Dim Sum. I never knew this before but apparently Dim Sum is a breakfast thing. We went to the Oriental Garden which (according to our locals) is the best place for Dim Sum in Chinatown. Then Fiance and I got a cab up to Times Square where we went in the disgustingly merchandised M&Ms store. Who buys this stuff? Seriously WHO? We then walked up 5th Avenue to Central Park. There was a woman walking her cat there who wanted money for pot. Love how open these people are. At that point I noticed an amazing store called Bergdorf Goodman and we had a moment pretending to be Michael Jackson (in this game he is alive and not bankrupt) pointing out all the ridiculously expensive things we would buy if we were that rich (most of the store). I then decided to try on engagement rings and unfortunately fell in love with an antique Cartier ring from the 50's and a antique ring from the 20's. Unfortunately the price tag was £22,000. A girl can dream.

We wandered around looking at the Christmas displays in Macys and Saks and kissed in Grand Central Station then got a cab to Lower East Side and went to a lovely restaurant called Pink Pony. I ate West African Spiced chicken and it was divine. It was also nice to get out of the cold. New York is freezing at this time of year. So much colder than I dreamt it would be. Everyone in New York seems to own a puffer jacket with a fur hood. From pouring my scorn on such attire I now look at these puffy figures with jealousy. They look warm.

Today I have to navigate the city by my self. I have no bloody idea what to do or where to go and I am even scared of hailing a cab by myself. That's why I am sitting here writing my blog instead of getting out there. Ok right I'm going. Think Carrie.