Monday, 21 December 2009

Merry Snowing Christmas.

Merry Christmas readers. I am feeling particularly festive because there is a blanket of white outside the office window. Im not sure what the outlook is for Christmas day but this is close enough to count as a white Christmas in my book. It's funny isn't it that the British people spend the run up to Christmas singing about white Christmases and hoping that it will snow every time it's cold and there's a cloud. Yet when it actually does snow at Christmas we are not prepared for it. We moan about the chaos on the roads and the canceling of flights and trains. We like the thought but not the reality. It seems that the only day it is actually allowed to snow is Christmas day itself, or Christmas Eve after dark so that when we wake up on Christmas morning all is white. If the snow comes early or a little late and scuppers our modern world plans we are petulant children.

Tonight I was meant to go over to my Aunty's house for gifts and dinner and the snow has stopped play. But I really can't begrudge it. It's still magic to me.

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