Monday, 14 December 2009

Prohibition, Brooklyn and Dead animals

My last two days in NYC.
On the Friday I was so cold I chose to go to a museum. I chose the Natural History Museum. What a sack of old fashioned out dated shit. The museum is mostly full of dead stuffed animals. In the days when nature programs weren't available I can see the point of museums like this. How amazing it must have been 100 years ago to come face to face with a tiger, a bear or a squid. Now though? David Attenborough can teach you more and in a much more engaging way in half an hour. I paid extra to go to the planetarium. Admittedly I enjoyed that. Partly because it was pretty, partly because it was warm comfy and dark and I fell asleep. So about 3pm I made an early retreat and made my way back on the subway (every time I think I'm getting the hang of it it pulls another trick out of the bag, like missing out stops) to the flat.

Was feeling kinda reclusive (a week by yourself has that effect) so when Fiance called to tell me to meet up with him I refused unless he came to pick me up. He was out with the Finance boys in Stone street and when we got to the Stone Street Tavern I was faced by drunk city boys downing shots and talking about playboy. Great. In the end I managed to get us out of there and we went to a Mexican restaurant called Rosa Mexicana where they make the most amazing guacamole on the table in front of you. In the center was a wall with water flowing down it and lots of tiny toy figures in diving positions on.

Saturday. Was nice to have Fiance to explore with. We had a lazy start and then walked all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge, stopping for lunch in a Pier. The guide books were right. There is a great view from the bridge of both New York and Brooklyn. Once we found a nice area of Brooklyn filled with cute shops, and brownstone houses I started feeling more at home than I have at any other time in New York. A place I could live in.

In the evening we met up with NYC BF and her husband (Fiancé's boss) for a drink in the The Two Crowns. We quickly moved on to a little Japanese Restaurant where we tried soft shell crab (ok), tofu, Ox Tongue (I refused), saki, Katsu curry etc. Very nice. Afterwards we went to a bar down an alley and entered a fab decadent-decrepid bar called "The Backroom". We drank cocktails from teacups and pints from mugs prohibition stylee and sat on red velvet sofas by the fire while dimly lit naked women stared down at us from the walls. Loved it.

And then it was time to go home and pack and say goodbye to New York. For now.

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