Thursday, 10 December 2009

Shopping fatigue in NYC

Wednesday. I hung around the financial district in the morning. US TV is amazing. So many films on. I caught most of 'Bright Young Things' based on the novel Scoop by Evelyn Waugh I think. Love that book. I love Evelyn Waugh. Anyway met Fiance in a bar for a burger then got the subway. It was my first attempt and I messed it up a little but in the end managed to get on the right train. Went to Victoria's Secret and to H&M and bought three jumpers. Then I went to Macys, the biggest department store in the world. It was frightening. So many designer handbags heaped up unceremoniously, people swarming, price tags sky high. I had a mini melt down and left.

Fed up of shopping and spending tonnes of money I decided that since I was so close I should go up the Empire States Building instead. I walked around in circles and finally found it where I had started. Inside it was as grand as outdside, clad in marble with shiny rainbow tiled floors that glistened. By now it was dark outside and, on the 86th floor, the city lay like a sparkling black and yellow map below. On one side of the building it was so windy that I was scared to stand there despite the protecting rails. My camera has no wrist cord so if I dropped it it would have been curtains.

I met Fiance at about 8 and we headed to Soho to the most famous pizza place in New York - Lombardi's. Apparently this was the first pizzaria in Manhattan. And it didn't disappoint. This place has no pretentions. The plates and glasses are plastic and the the table clothes shiny, and there's only one toilet. But the pizzas were huge, fresh tasting and yummy. Not a bad price for dinner either.

Oh and I didn't get my hair done. I'm meant to do it today but I just feel too guilty. I hate all this spending money. Maybe I'll wait until my roots are most of my hair. Should be a few weeks at least.

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