Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Things I believe

A while back my friend Laura posted an exercise she made her class at school do. It's called I believe. All you do is write a list of all the things you truly believe. Two years later and I thought I'd read through what I wrote...and I still think everything I wrote is true. Here is what I still believe. Now tell me what you believe.

I believe that family are the most important thing.
I believe that my friends are all wonderful people.
I believe that there are such things as soul mates, there is only one for each person. 99% of people won't ever meet them.
I believe that my parents couldn't have done a better job raising me.
I believe that the world will never ever be fair, or free from violence or prejudice.
I believe my mum was an angel.
I believe that advertising can be a good thing (thankyou Nick)
I believe that you have a choice whether to fall in love or not.
I believe that wearing yellow makes makes me happy.
I believe in showing off your body while you are young and it's beautiful.
I believe I become a more introverted insecure person when I put my glasses on.
I believe that this country needs a young-ish prime minister.
I believe in God. Or at least I really really try to.
I believe that for the rest of my life I will be waiting for the rest of the people I love to die.
I believe that the nicest people aren't the most successful.
I believe i will never have a friend like my mother.
I believe half my emotions are so analysed they are fake.
I believe I might have a little binge drinking problem.
I believe that swansea is a truly wonderful place and that people who diss it and have never been there are regrettably prejudiced.
I believe that Wales will always be my home.
I believe that alcohol has done me a lot of good but nowadays not so much.
I believe a hell of a lot of stuff which I wouldn't write on facebook.

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