Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wash your troubles away

This is such a lovely little spot from a washing up liquid. And very topical too. It breaks my heart to see marine animals washing up dead because of oil spills or any man made disaster. BP are evil in my mind and that's all there is to it. You would think that they would have planning in place for events like this. If you can't plan for such events, you shouldn't have pipelines across the sea beds.

A few years ago I stayed in a beach house in Florida. Every day we swam among shoals of fish in the sea and went down to sit on an old pier where giant sea turtles and even a manatee would visit us. We felt so close to nature, and it gave us such joy. Then in the third week we went into the sea and it looked strangely cloudy. The next day there were mounds of dead fish and eels all down the shoreline. All the beautiful animals we had swum with were dead. They had been starved of oxygen by a huge blanket of algae on the sea called the red tide. We spoke to a local who told us it was getting worse every year and it was the fault of the government who let huge amounts of fertilizers be used on the land which washed into the sea and fed the algae. I can only imagine the harm the oil slick has done in the Gulf of Mexico but I find it funny that it hasn't been a bigger story all over the world. I haven't seen front page newspaper articles showing marine animals covered in oil. I wonder if BP are even more powerful than we think.

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Seattle Kim D said...

The otter is my favorite, he's so happy! :)