Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Terrorism - it's a funny business.

Here is the trailer for a new British movie called Three Lions. It's about a group of terrorists who are pretty rubbish. There is a bit of debate as to whether it is right to turn terrorism into the subject of humour but that's what us Brits do. If in doubt - turn it all into a joke. I actually think it's a great way of undermining terrorist groups - the more we take the piss - the more stupid they look. Just think of Craig hold on...I'm actually getting to a point here...if we can ruin someone's career in Britain by taking the piss out of them..then why can't we spoil the career of a suicide bomber with humour too? Someone who dies for the cause shouldn't be taken seriously. They should be derided. Mocked. So that is why I will be laughing out loud at this film in the cinema. Anyway enjoy!

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