Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Robin of Shoreditch saving Haiti the creative way

Robin has come up with a new way of Creatives getting a piece of the charity action. I mean why leave it up to the pop stars right? We can do what we do best in return for funds for charity. We too can be heroes!

Here's the video which explains the basic idea.

The 100 Brands Project from Robin of Shoreditch on Vimeo.

You can also watch some of the ideas that Robin has produced. ANd I must say - some are good - some not so good. A lot of them seem to be about making a brand more earth-friendly rather than really generating sales. They fall into the trap of making brands do fluffy things that creatives want to do rather than actually making money. My question is, if you are producing 100 ideas how well do you know those brands? Because the advertising agencies that work for them REALLY know them and will probably already have covered your idea. So then the brand ends up giving money out of pure charity rather than paying for a service. Robin, I worked on BlackBerry and your idea isn't new. And Blackberry rejected it years ago. Saying that I do like the idea for Morgan Stanley - I wonder if their ad agency like it?

And overall, Robin well done, You did have an original idea - the concept as a whole is great. The thinking on particular brands? A little first thought-ish/ student book-ish.


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