Monday, 24 May 2010

Dannii Minogue does M&S

I love the M &S Women's fashion advertising. I also love Danni Minogue. M&S's latest advert brings them together - yes Dannii is the new M&S girl. Now in the television advert they have managed to keep a pregnant Dannii Minogue sexy. But there is a problem. We are all used to seeing Dannii look perfect - in those gorgeous long flowing dresses by expensive designers on the X Factor - with hair that, as Dannii puts it, has a "career of it's own". Dannii usually looks like a Goddess. And yet here, on the M&S adverts, she looks pretty normal. Don't get me wrong some outfits are brilliant. The pencil dress really does sharp tailoring well, the hat is so Dannii, but the green summer dress? I wouldn't wear that. It's so mumsey. Yes Dannii is pregnant but she is a superstar known for her fashion. She's not your boyfriend's frumpy Mum! On Sunday I was walking down South Bank London and was accosted by a huge poster of Dannii in that dress. What a mistake. If Dannii can't make that M&S dress look good then noone can - the message is that M&S makes gorgeous women look frumpy. Well done Marks and Sparks. What an achievement.

The dress:

The still lovely TV ad:

Dannii being a brilliant spokesperson and saying all the things that are music to M&S's ears:

How we know and love Dannii on the X Factor - even showing Cheryl Cole a thing or two about fashion!

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Helen said...

Agree about that dress: it's hideous. And a shame, too, as the current M&S dress selection is actually pretty good - there's something for everyone. I speak as someone who spent her lunch hour trying things on there!