Thursday, 20 May 2010

VO recording -

This week has been mainly consumed by voice-over recording.
This involves conversations with talent managers that go like this:

Us: "Hi we'd like to call in Bobby Boverine for a casting tomorrow".
Agent: What's the product?
Us: It's a secret.
Agent: Errr...ok, what's the pay?
Us: I'm sorry I can't say.
Agent: Well Bobby is very busy at the moment. He's currently promoting his new film "the fourth nipple", he has several parties at Jack Nicholson's house, and he is also in rehearsals for the west End version of East 17 the Musical. If you can't promise us that it's not nappy rash cream or erectile disfunction pills then it's a waste of Bobby's time.
Us (to eachother): The agent is being very difficult. Tut'd think they'd be pleased...

Anyway despite these difficulties we did manage to get hold of two famous actors at short notice:

Famous actor number 2 is a bit gorgeous. That's really why the Producer and I put him forward. He's posh, blonde and has had a starring role as a brave intelligent high flying heart throb in a long running British TV series. We presented his VO library to our Creative Director with the caveat - "it really doesn't do him justice". So there I was on the Monday morning at the swanky recording studio, nervously and excitedly nibbling on the free grapes and (taking advantage of the free food) ordering bacon butties waiting to meet him. Senior creative turns to me. "I'm just here for the ride. You direct him and I'll add anything that I need to". GULP! I have to direct him!

So he turns up all sweaty in his motorbike leathers, running his hands through his floppy hair and shaking hands with us before stripping off. It's like a commercial already! He's taller and broader than he looks on the TV and very polite and enthusiastic about the product - he's probably glad it's not nappy rash cream. He's probably also smelling the cash! I decide the only way is to look and sound confident - he'll never know that I have hardly ever given an actor directions before let alone directed a famous actor! And off we go. Senior Creative chips in as I run out of ideas. But it's all gone rather swimmingly. Producer and I are slightly in love and I keep saying "that was great!" - and then it's over. he's finished his bacon buttie and is climbing back into his leathers. He did tell us however that he was arguing with his wife recently and he smashed his phone in frustration...must be a sign that we're in!

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