Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Christmas Party Story

Hello all. Happy New Year!! I hope you've all resolved to read and comment on my blog this year (please do!!!). Last year ended with some scary stuff, some family drama, some brain damage from serious alcohol intake and a hell of a lot of cheese.

So first of all the scary stuff. Work asked me to read a story at the Christmas party. "Yes ok" said I, inwardly curling up and dying prematurely. I had no idea what I was going to read to 70 clever advertising types when they were drunk and just wanted to reach desert, so I decided to look at my blog and see if I could find any inspiration.

It might sound weird but it's easier to type "diary of an advertising girl" into google than going through my bookmark bar to get to my blog - so I typed it in and randomly it brought up a really old post of mine called "Ways to be Welsh"

It was obviously a sign from the Gods of the internet so rewrote it slightly and submitted it for approval with the Planning boss. So two weeks later I find myself standing in a spotlight surrounded by a circle of slightly drunk people all looking at me expectantly. SHIT! So I began. I meant to do the first sentence in a strong Welsh accent. Unfortunately I couldn't stop. I did the whole thing in a really strong accent. I acted my piece, I walked around bare footed and gestured and I got so into it I wasn't Adgirl any more, I was Angharad from the Swansea valleys. It helped. I had forgotten how acting can take your fear away. And people laughed at all the right places. It was great. Then finally it was over. I was so high I had to down two glasses of wine. Lots of people came up and told me how good I was. It was a wonderful feeling. So one of the scariest things I have done all year became the best. Thanks blog!

Here's a bit of me in action:


Thomas said...

I was there. It was brilliant.

Welshaims said...

Oh thank you Thomas! And thanks for capturing it on film for me!!!