Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lonely in LA LA

Hey guys. Last night I attempted to go for a walk around Venice, only to be told that at 5pm it wasn't safe. The concierge kindly put me in a cab and told the driver "take her to 3rd street promenade". The words "I don't want to go there" didn't quite get out of my mouth so that's where I ended up. 3rd street and main street are the only places in LA I have actually been already. So anyways there I was. London college was sleeping all day and didn't want to come. I was too lonely to shop and every time a shop assistant wasn't super nice to me I wanted to cry (like when I was looking for a medium in a top and a shop assistant came over and said "excuse me Mam, but we only carry size small"). So I decided to make the most of London College's absence and eat sushi. He can't eat sushi coz he's allergic. That means I'm missing out on all the amazing sushi in LA (makes you realise how utterly horrible and crap Yo Sushi really is...mind you I already knew that). So I went to Sushi Roku in Santa Monica. By my self. I sat at the end of the bar and drank cocktails and ordered lobster rolls, salmon sashimi (dreamy), spicy scallop rolls and eel sushi. YUM! It was kinda sad I guess but i enjoyed it.

Anyway here's some more pics from my trip. This is my breakfast scene - looking over the marina at marina del ray


Just Me said...

What a beautiful view to look at for breakfast!

Did you ever get a chance to venture out and try In-N-Out burger?

Welshaims said...

yes gorgeous huh? Not yet but some guys from work drove out and got some for lunch. They were saying how good it was too so I def want to try it!

Just Me said...

Growing up in Florida, I was able to hit the beach anytime I wanted. I so miss it!

I do truly hope you get to try In-N-Out! There is a place called Capriotti's you may want to try as well if you can get to it. I was reading on their website the other day that they have a location in Beverly Hills. If you go, I would recommend the Bobbie, which is roast turkey, stuffing (or dressing as some people call it) and cranberry sauce on a hoagie roll. For an American, it's Thanksgiving on a roll, served neat and compact, somewhat. LOL

I hope you are enjoying your off time from work and taking in all the sites! And most of all, enjoying the beautiful weather! :)