Sunday, 23 January 2011

slightly drunk right now post

Hi lovely readers.
I am a little under the effects of a bottle of red I shared in a lovely Tapas restaurant in Santa Monica. But nevertheless I wanted to write a little post. I had a lovely day today. Had a little swim in the hotel pool, after a little cycle in the gym, then went into work for 4 hours. But you know its fine working when you like the people you are working with. The creative team out here are totally great. And after we finished for the day, two of them took us out for tapas. It was on a street named Abbot Kinny (or something).
Anyways here are some pics from my trip so far. Mostly from the plane. We had to land in Goose, Canada because a guy got sick with stomach pains. I know it's cruel but I get stomach pains so bad that I can't move sometimes and I don't go making planes land! Anyways it took us 3 hours to get back in the air.

Think this was snow not cloud.

Snow over Canada

De-icing the runway - eat your heart out Gatwick and Heathrow.

On the runway - Goose - it's pretty quiet looking

Back in the air and over USA

The pool. My feet.

From my hotel room window - Marina del ray

Oh and I took all these shots on my iPhone4 - pretty good for a phone camera huh?

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Just Me said...

Great pics from your iPhone. I hope you are having fun and enjoying the weather!