Monday, 31 January 2011

Doodododo This is Hugh Pugh reporting from Fishguard

When I was a little girl in Wales, Mummy, daddy, Kate my little sister and a small number of other people in Wales sat down to watch the most unheard of comedy sketch show ever. It only ever aired in Wales and no brands would pay for adverts during it. But it was immense. I promise you. It has a lot of Welsh jokes - like Joking about how backward Wales is and our lack of technology. But us Welsh love a good laugh at ourselves so it was all gravy munn. It's pretty rude in places, but I was allowed to watch it coz my Mum went to college with the guy who wrote and acts in the show (John Sparks).

Here's some clips of the zany "Barry Welsh is Coming" for your enjoyment. I esp love the black and white reports by Hugh Pugh.

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Andy said...

It's amazing this was never networked! John Sparkes is a comedy genius. Thanks for posting :)