Friday, 21 January 2011

Out in LA LA land again

Hello people. I am out in LA for the second time. Even got to fly first class. It really wasn't that spectacular and there were no celebs. I ask you...without the celebs, what's the point? Honestly when everyone else goes first class they get to sit by Tim Burton. I did get to lie on a flat bed and had very attentive flight stewards n stewardesses. And I got a white table cloth and champers on request. Unfortunately as I was going straight into the office I didn't fancy the hangover so I mostly declined alcohol. Boooo!

Well I'm going back business so maybe I'll know what the ups of first class really are after that.

I'm in my hotel room now which is rather swanky. But I miss Fiance. Who is actually in NYC. Must tell him to water my plants when he gets home. Poor Boris and Manwell are wilting by the second.

Tomorrow I don't actually have to work very much so I could take a taxi somewhere. I have no idea where to go. If anyone has a recommendation please let me know!

Over and out.


Just Me said...

Not sure where in LA you are, but if there is an In-N-Out burger nearby, go there for a tasty treat! I have visited a few locations in California when I have been there on vacation. I also miss the one in Las Vegas where I used to live. YUM! Go to their website for locations that are close to where you are:

Take a ride down the Sunset Strip and check out some of the sites, like the Hustler Store (you do have a fiancee!)for some goodies, or any of the other shops there. Lots of good people watching, too!

Don't forget to ask someone who works in the hotel where they go when they want to have some fun. They are local and usually in the "know" about the cool spots.

Have fun and enjoy the weather! :)

Welshaims said...

thanks for the tips!
As long as In-N-Out isn't at all like Tommy's where I went last time I will try to find one! Tommy's sent my stomach into overdrive it was nasty.
i really want to go to Hollywood but noone will ever go with me. Boo! if I get a weekend where I don't have to work I will go on my own. said...

I would say rent a bike and ride from venice to palissade OR contemporary arts museum @ downtown LA.