Friday, 15 January 2010

Dogs dressed in togs

When I was in New York I noticed that there were a lot of dogs. And more than that, a lot of dogs in togs - mostly, I have to admit, sensible Royal family type gilets.

At first I thought it was that Americans like dressing their dogs up but I soon realised that it was because it was so damn cold. Now it seems us Brits are following suit. Pets at Home have reported that sales of dog coats have soared in the recent cold weather, good news for the company which is up for sale.

In Bermondsey Street, a enclave of gay-boho-chic near London Bridge, Doggie Fashion is taken very seriously indeed. In the yearly Bermondsey Street festival there is a dog parade with prizes for the best dressed. This is probably because we have our very own designer dog boutique - Hollie and Lil.
At Hollie and Lil dog collars are not something merely to identify and clip a lead onto, they are beautiful ornate pieces of jewellery or designer fashion statements. This shop is so highly regarded that it has been featured by Vogue in their Fashion insider's Secret Address Book and even has a celebrity following. Jonathan Ross gave two collars from Hollie and Lil's to Mickey Rouke live on his Friday night with Jonathan Ross show. Collections include "Boho", "charm" and beaded" as well as "semi precious stone". And here's a quick catwalk show by some doggie models...

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