Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Make your own Tory Poster (poser haha)

The Tory's are surely kicking themselves right now for their election poster. I wonder if it was David Cameron who asked the re-touchers if they could just clear up his skin a little, make him look fresher perhaps, lighten him here. Oops here's the result: Plastic Politician. Whoever it is they have made the future Prime Minister look like a right twat. He's more airbrushed than kate Moss is these days.

Here's the Tory poster in it's full glory:

Now see a hilarious spoof apparently masterminded by the Labour party. You gotta hand it to them it's very viral and very funny. But then, the Labour party always have been the party of choice for creative types.

On mydavidcameron you can doctor the poster template to create your own piss-take. Here are some good ones:

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