Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Cheesy stuff.

Check out this lovely little advert for Nolan's Seriously Strong Cheddar. Not only does it make me not want to ever kill a mouse again (I haven't exactly killed a mouse but I would if I had one in my flat they wee everywhere) but it also has a nice little twist. Good use of 3 different music tracks adding emotional structure to the story too.

But most impressively it was made using animatronics. That mouse is no figment of CGI, it's a robomouse by John Nolan Films:

You can see more of John Nolan's amazing work on their showreel which gives you a view of the robotic skeleton inside the creations. Among other things you'll see a baby robot, gorilla hands, scary tree roots, a woman being chopped in half and a wiggly banana.

Ok lastly can I state the obvious. Nolan cheese? AND a company called John Nolan. Is this favours for family, a coincidence, or do the animation company make cheese too?

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