Monday, 11 January 2010

Me? I'm no blank Canvas.

I spotted this picture on my friend's blog over at Blog du jane Jane. It pretty much sums up what I have just done. I have decided to leave my job. I am in a way starting again. And I don't even know the extent to which this is true yet. I was going to call this blog post "I'm a blank canvas" but that wouldn't be true at all. Sometimes I get frightened by the idea of what I am turning my back on but then I remember that all the experiences and skills I have learnt in my last job are actually very important. I'm not a blank canvas at all. I am a canvas filled with beautiful rich colours of experiences. Strange colours, unusual shapes, I am a canvas that someone will look at and think "wow, that's just what I'm looking for and I didn't even know it".

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