Wednesday, 13 January 2010

oh what a perfect day

While on holiday my Fiance and I were imagining our perfect day. And even imagining it made us happy. Mine goes like this:

Fiance brings me breakfast in bed: fresh orange juice, french toast with blueberries and raspberries.
Shopping with sister.

I walk through the door of Liberties and I'm the 300th shopper that day. I win an hour's shopping free.
Lunchtime. Sister and I go to the Ritz for a Cream tea. There we meet my friends from University. We pretend we are posh. Some of my friends don't have to.

After lunch I get a call - Me? The Guardian's new book-reviewer and restaurant critic? What a day!
Sister and I go to a spa. We have massages, facials and laze around in the outdoor swimming pool.
At 6 I go home and meet fiance.
We get ready and go for dinner in Odette's in Primrose Hill.

We make friends with the chef. He is Welsh (I know this).
We pop into a pub on the way home and bump into Liam Gallagher who is out with David Bowie (strangely).

Fiance and Liam hit it off, decide to be mates. David says I'm gorgeous. I say he's too old but am flattered. He says he will write me a song. He then sings "While the world falls down" and dances with me. I almost fall down in a swoon.
Taxi comes to pick us up.
Big kisses for lovely slightly jealous Fiance.
Fall into bed and sleep soundly knowing the next day is going to be lovely too.

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