Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Pongwiffy and poetry!

My creative partner and I are working on separate projects at the moment. But, by coincidence we are both writing poetry. My boss reckons we could become the poetry agency. Fine by me. I love doing cheap rhymes. I wonder if there's a "Head of rhyming" job out there somewhere for me. Anyways it got me thinking about the things I love about my job. Mostly the writing. I love weaving copy and making things flow or mimicking a tone of voice. And that got me thinking about a suggestion my father made to me at Christmas. Why don't you write a book?

If I wrote a book I don't think I'd write an adult's book (although I have a great idea for one). I think I'd have far more fun writing books for children. My favourite book when I was little was written by a wonderful writer called Kaye Umansky. It was about a witch called Pongwiffy. She is a witch of filthy habits with a hamster as a familiar and a coven full of other witches with unique characteristics. Read it. It's brilliant! And I have discovered that since I have grown up Kaye Umansky has written 6 other novels to follow. I am getting them on order.

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