Monday, 20 July 2009

My Naughty Little Sister

Did anyone else read the "My Naughty Little Sister" series when they were young? If you did then you might remember the book where the Naughty Little sister cuts up a pretty dress with sissors. Or when she draws on the walls in crayon. I swear that the books were based on my sister. When she was young she cut up dresses, wrote her name on walls and tried to blame me, broke my favourite (and only) Sindy doll and let my dad take the blame, screamed through entire car trips/shared baths/every meal time for 3 years, insisted that our Mum gave her the most attention: "only look to me" etc.

When she was a teenager she was the daughter who sneaked out to clubs when only 15, lied in order to go to parties, was found puking in the bushes by my parents, missed curfews to stay out with boys.

Now? She's 23 and she is stunningly beautiful and popular. She got all A's in her A levels. She was wonderful to my Mamgu before she died and she is great fun. I love her and I want to protect her. But, she is still my naughty little sister. 


Miss Money Pants said...

Oh my! My sister turned 24 in March and I swear to god you and I could have some pretty good chats about what these two little ones have accomplished! I'm 27 and try to be her mom. I also let her move in with me last year, hoping that she would start to learn some level of responsibilty and dig herself outta the mess she'd gotten into. She's making progress, but I'm not so sure the lessons are sinking in.

Welshaims said...
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