Monday, 13 July 2009

Go ape? Go Gladiators more like.

I had the idea that hen parties were meant to be spas and belly dancing lessons followed by downing shots dressed in tutus and random snogging. So I was a little disappointed when I got the itinery for my mate Julia's hen do in Swansea. "Go Ape" in Margam Park followed by a night out. The night out was expected, yes. But "Go Ape?" I wasn't sure what it meant but I knew it would involve flying on ropes through trees, getting muddy, getting wet and possibly death. 

Saturday, in preparation, the heavens opened. This was Wales after all. We were strapped into our harnesses and signed forms saying we agreed to take part in a high risk activity (eek!). Then we learnt the laws of the tree climbers: Always stay attached (I add to as many things as possible) and opposites attract (just in case some weird freaky thing happens and both clips break at once I assume). After practicing on some low wires we were off. I discovered that when you're scared shitless you barely notice the fact that you are drenched or that you have bruised your arms holding on to balance wires so tight. My least favourite moments were the zip wire onto the cargo net (new sympathy for contestants on Gladiators), the jumping from one swinging log to another at the top of a particularly tall tree and getting cramp for the whole of the last obstacle course. But I did it and so did everyone else. Hooray! 

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