Tuesday, 28 July 2009

What to do at 1:30am when waiting for design work

When it gets to the part in a pitch when you've handed over all your scamps to the designers and you've got some minutes to kill it's time to visit popcap.
Popcap have some great games for you to play online or try for free. My favourite is Plants vs Zombies. But be warned, after you have played it for long enough to get well and truly hooked it will cost you £14 to finish. Boo. But still great fun! The aim is to defend your house from an array of zombies with different methods of attack. You do so by planting plants with different defensive powers.

Another good one for Copywriters or the wordy among us (that's probably all you bloggers) is Bookworm. I'm not sure of the points system and it's quite easy but still a good word game. It's like an advanced version of boggle. The plus is this one is totally free.

Peggle is the game for those who like pinball machines and Zuma is worth a go too.

Anyways have fun playing your boredom away. Like me. I'm playing Bookworm.

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Andhari said...

I gotta admit I adore online games, they provide me with hours and hours of distractions. LOL. Other things I love : online quizzes. I seriously have no life when I have a day off :P

ps. thank you for your kind words regarding my cousin, it means a lot to me and my family.