Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Augmented Demented.

All I have heard for the last two weeks is how augmented reality is so cool, the new thing, soooo exciting, so much possibilities. Everyone is so busy flapping their arms about how exciting it is that no one has noticed that most of the creative executions of this technology are, at the moment, gimmicky rubbish or just useless.

For example:

Ok so this example looks cool, as all the examples do, but what is the point? Are people really going to bother filming your business card so they can read your twitter updates? Why not just put your twitter name on the business card and then people can add you?

Ok so there are some examples out there that are actually helpful.

Here's one from BMW (ignore the naff production and this is a good idea)

Glasses Direct made a useful tool whereby you could try on glasses in their online store. This goes some way towards solving the biggest problem for the business - the fact that it's very hard to find glasses that suit you without trying them on (I know).

I guess when it will be really exciting for me is when Top Shop bring out a tool that lets you try on their clothes.

If anyone has some cool or particularly useless examples of AR to share please do. I'd love to see them.

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