Tuesday, 14 July 2009

When it's worked

How can you tell if an advert has done it's job?

Last night I heard my boyfriend shout from the sitting room: "Oh yes! This hasn't been on for ages". The music was instantly recognizable: the Barclaycard swipe advert using the actor from cult comedy Gavin and Stacey. The advert is good because it demonstrates the product benefits whilst getting inside the mindset of anyone who has to travel to and from work. Everyone has dreamt that they could get in some kind of slide that would take them home. Haven't they? The music reflects the symplicity and Jason, from Gavin and Stacey isn't overly famous and comes with that edge of innocent and slight gawkiness. Overall I think that the fact my boyfriend was pleased to watch the advert, again, really says the most. That is my ambition.  

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