Thursday, 9 July 2009

RIP Anjool

It's been quite a shocking week really. First there was Michael Jackson's funeral and his poor little children. Then yesterday I heard the news that Anjool, or Jools as he was called in St Peter's where I knew him, had jumped to his death. It was shocking because his face was familiar and he had been present on so many nights out, but also because he was such an impressive talented guy. It seemed that he had everything to live for. A successful banking career, his own party business, a Spanish flat, friends, a family who loved him and a glamourous life style. But who knows what was under the surface. His mother was a psychologist. I bet she is trying to think what went wrong. My friends knew him better. One said he drank red bull and never slept. Maybe it was the constant need for success that drove him to the brink. Or was it the industry he was in? Either was I felt shell shocked to hear the news and the day passed in a bit of a blur. It was a sad day for St. Peter's. Jools will be missed.

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